Sunday, August 15, 2010

Updates coming soon ...

But for now, just know that we're happy & all adjusting well!

Lil's not quite so hesitant around men anymore - she's figured out that she loves being tossed up in the air, and grandpas are super for that!  (She's met all 3 sets of her grandparents now!)

Lil with my dad, Boppa Bob

We went to a family party in Michigan this weekend with my dad's family, and she did so well - we are continually amazed at how well she's adapting, and how quickly she seems to be learning & changing.  She's still our little miss sunshine, but she's coming out of her shell even more, and we couldn't be happier with her!


  1. So happy to read how well she's doing and love seeing her laughing, just having stuff done to her that all kids love so much like being thrown up in the air!

  2. Michelle she is absolutely a little doll, and I do not mean that just because she is special to me either. LOL!! The smile on her face says it all. LOL!!
    I cannot wait to read and update on how things are going otherwise. No need to make a list of questions for we want to know the good,the bad, and the ugly (if there is any ugly). LOL!!


  3. Beautiuful pics...she seems so happy!! Glad to hear things are going so well :)