Friday, August 6, 2010

At the Beach

Braden had swimming lessons the past few weeks at a local beach, and Lily & Ru & I bring him, and watch him swim. Lil at first wanted nothing to do with the sand, but when she figured out it was the way to get to the water ... well, she tolerated it just fine, then.

We went as a family to the beach this past Sunday - Lil's first official trip to do more than wading & watching - and she loved it. She absolutely LOVES being in the water (and only fell in face first once, but I plucked her right up & she went on playing).

We also had a picnic dinner, and it's like Lil's been with us forever.

This look is called:  What? I'm eating. Stop taking pictures!


  1. you are a brave brave woman! :)

  2. With every post I read of Lily and how beautifully she's settling in I get more and more happy. I am so thrilled that she found this wonderful family to call her own.