Friday, August 13, 2010


It's pretty wild, but we now have two 6-year-olds in our home!  Lil turned 6 yesterday, and it's one month until Braden's 7th birthday.

I'm so, so, so very happy Lily was home with us for her birthday!  

Months ago, Braden said we'd need to have 6 cakes for Lily, since she'd never celebrated a birthday before.

We compromised with 6 cupcakes!

This was this past Sunday - so Daddy didn't have to worry about just getting home from work & Nana & Nice Wolf were here for dinner. 

Lil had no problem blowing out the candles!

Chocolate cupcakes?  Lily approves!

I have more I want to say - about opening presents, about making her a cake yesterday, too, because it was her ACTUAL birthday, and when I asked Brian if I should make her a cake even though we had cupcakes, he said, "Starr would say she needs one," and he was right, so I had to go get a cake mix (Starr is my cousin, who knows all the birthday rules).

BUT, life is busy, so this is it for now.   And even though we're busy?  We're HAPPY!  It's a good life, this life with 4 kids.


  1. love love love it. Happy Birthday!

    that Starr sounds like a smartie.

  2. Lily is so cute. I can't wait to meet this girl.

  3. I love her hair. She is pretty.

    Happy 6th birthday Lily!! I'm so glad she is home to celebrate her birthday.

  4. Happy 6th Birthday, Lily!!!!

  5. Love it...the pics are great! Love, Paula

  6. :) She sure looks like she enjoyed that cupcake! I am so glad she is home with you.

    Ps. I am now "blogging for Dmitriy (Other angels boy)!


  7. Happy Birthday sweet Lily Z!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  8. Happy birthday sweet girl! boy she looks so big and so good home only for a little while and already looks like she has been with you always she is so so happy you can just see it all over her.

  9. Happy Birthday sweet little girl!
    I am so glad that you are finding out what a real birthday is all about. I hope you got lots of fun presents to enjoy opening.


  10. Happy Birthday Lily!! I am beyond excited that she is home for her birthday. I can't believe how quickly she figured out blowing out the candles. Way to go!! And her hair is getting so long...I love it!!!

  11. Happy birthday sweet girl, you looks so beautiful and I wish we could meet. I am beyond thrilled that you get to be at home for your 6th and 1st birthday with your family. Loved the cupcake candle blowing, great job! Look forward to reading and seeing pictures of you opening your presents.

  12. Happy birthday, Lily!
    You can never have too many birthday cakes!