Monday, August 16, 2010

1 Month Home

I can't believe Lil's been home for a month! It seems like we just got off the plane ... and yet, it feels like Lil's been a part of our family for ages.

While we did paperwork and planning for Lily, it sometimes seemed so outrageous & unreal - like, how would we really ever manage to bring this person to live with us?    And now, here she is, the little girl who started out as a photograph and is a blooming, growing, amazing little girl - and we are so lucky to be her parents.  

It's really hard to wrap my mind around sometime, that we crossed the world to get a child - and this gem of a girl was unwanted?  

This little girl, who was actually in a very nice orphanage and well cared for - is literally blooming in front of us.  Her language - oh my gosh!  She's got many signs now, thanks to Signing Time DVDs, and a handful of English words she says regularly.

Also, funnily enough - she's started answering our questions with a very solemn, "Da," which is "yes" in Russian.  While we were in Ukraine, she never once said "Da" ... but now, she not only understands our simple questions (Do you want more cereal?  Are you ready to sleep?) with appropriate verbal answers!  Even if sometimes those answers are in Russian!

Lil got some great gifts from friends & family for her birthday and for coming home. 

She had to put this new shirt on right away - and she's warming up to baby dolls.

Sisters at breakfast
Lil's still not a big drinker, but she likes milk in her cereal.  She's also finally accepted a sippy cup like Ruby's, and she's willing to drink more now.  She still prefers milk - and that's fine with me!

Lil loves balls - and now has 2 new ones of her very own! 

and I did make her a cake on her actual birthday, even though we'd had cupcakes on the weekend.  I couldn't NOT make her a cake - it was her first birthday she ever celebrated!

I really like this picture of Lilya & her Papa...

and here, too - with big sister & big brother!
(Ruby was across the table, I couldn't get them all into one shot).
Really, Lily is just doing awesome.  There have been rough spots -- like giving Ruby a push or following the cat around while holding its tail like a leash -- but nothing extraordinary.  We didn't really know what to expect once we got her home, but we can safely say she's exceeded all of our expectations.  Ruby and Lily are also becoming more and more aware of each other -- the last time they had a bath together, they even gave each other kisses (which is a big improvement on the bath before that, when Lily accidentally threw a toy at Ruby's head).  Lily's so happy to be here, and to be with her brother and sisters.  Ruby's always been a shining star of happiness in our house... and now we have two.


  1. She looks so great! I am glad that everything is going well. What a doll and super cute sister of course. I love the pics with her first balls. Your family is awesome!

  2. REALLY??? It's been a month?!? Where did the time go? I'm so thrilled to hear that she is doing SO well!

    It still blows me away to see her sitting at the same table as the other kids...I have to do a double take to be sure you didn't clone her in or something. :-)

    So, so happy for all 6 of you!

  3. look at her smile! oh, wow. I'm so happy for all of you.

  4. She is such a doll! It is crazy to think she was in an orphanage without a family to love her. She is one lucky girl now!

  5. Makes my heart happy that she's doing so well :)

  6. So you didn't have 6 cakes like Braden thought you should to get her caught up on birthday cakes?